Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preparing to Vacuum Bag

In order to vacuum bag the joints I need to extend the ends of the exposed head tube ends as well as the BB width. That way I can extend the vacuum bag compressed area beyond the ends of the tube. I turned some plugs from UHMW plastic rod since most glues just don't stick well to it. Any expoxy that might migrate onto them during cure "should" (he said hopefully) not stick.

In the background is a turned aluminum tube mandrel. I'm going to attempt to lay up a head tube for use on a frame with 44mm Chris King In-Set headset cups. It was turned with a very slight taper, polished and coated with high temp release wax. In theory a quick dunking in ice water when it comes out of the oven should let the carbon tube slide off...time will tell.

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