Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out of the Oven

Here is the joint out of the oven. It sat at 200F for 2 hours after ramping up for 30 minutes. The bag, release ply etc peeled off fairly clean but I'll use some flash break tape next time to keep the tubes clean in the first place. You can see in the photo below I had some bag pressure issues. A small hole developed right at the inlet tube and the pressure was 15-20inHg (or about 10pis) when I it took it out of the oven. The shiny area is where the release ply was not being pressed into the joint.

On the top side though, the joint is well compacted and solid. I found that tapping on the joints tells you a lot. You can tell the uncompressed areas by sound alone.

While not pretty yet (these are un-sanded) and not fully compacted the main tube joints feel strong and stiff. Destructive testing and cutting it apart will tell the whole story though.

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