Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Filleting The Frame

No, not cutting it up, that comes later.  Below is the glued frame with DP420 and glass microsphere putty applied to create fillets at the joints.  The tiny 50 micron hollow glass spheres make the epoxy thick and easier to work with.  These will be sanded smooth prior to layup.  The blue tape is flash breaker tape and marks the end of where the "lugs" will be for this test frame.

First the head tube joint.

Then the BB...
And the complete frame...

The frame currently weighs 957g.  It was 452g as a finished front triangle and 952g prior to adding the fillet paste.  I think 5g is worth it for smoother flowing joints.  The frame alignment out of the jig is pretty good as well.  The head tube is out by 0.012" of the 6.5" head tube length (should be better).  The seat tube is dead on at 0.004" over 20".  The rear wheel sits straight and the dropout spacing is 129.25mm which is a little under 130mm, I'd rather be 0.5mm over.

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