Sunday, January 02, 2011

Glue Time!

 I skipped over gluing the front triangle together.  My gloves were too sticky to touch the camera.  Below are the dropouts sanded rough, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol then slathered in DP420.  The same thing was done to the inside of the chain and seat stay ends.


 Here is the finished glued BB joint.  The tubes around the joints were sanded to bare carbon and cleaned with alcohol in preparation for wrapping with prepreg.

Same thing at the seat tube joint.

The shop was about 10C today so I have the rear end "curing" in front of the heater.  It only blows warm air...nothing catching fire or melting.

Next step is to fillet the joints with fairing compound, sand and shape them.

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Tymen said...

Hi Glen, Love you blog; keep it up! Great pics and descriptions.

I've been building a bunch of carbon bikes over the past couple of years with nice results. Wish I had a nice shop like your's :-)
I like seeing your work validates the methods i've been working with.

On this last batch I'm curious which rear end you're using and where you sourced it from. I've both made my own and used the different ones available from Nova.

Send me an email, i'd like to stay in touch and exchange ideas.