Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's in the Bag!

Before I put the frame in the vacuum bag, I added a few layers of carbon as bottle boss reinforcements.  One I surrounded with flash tape, the other I did not.  They both got wrapped with shrink tape.

Here is the head tube wrapped in release cloth.  I tried to keep it as smooth as I could to help make for a smoother finished joint.
After wrapping the other joints I covered them in bleeder and "connected" them with some more to where I put the vacuum fitting in.
This is a shot of the frame in the bag with vacuum pulled to test for leaks and to make sure there was enough slack/stretch to conform to all the joints.
I folded the bag back on itself inside the rear triangle to avoid stressing or crushing them or pulling things out of alignment.
I managed to get around 25-26 in Hg and it was consistent so in the oven it goes.

Here is the oven and compressor running and of course a pile of crap on the handy "shelf" conveniently located on top of the oven.
Not it's time to pace back and forth staring at the vacuum gauge for 3 hours.  Actually I checked it once the oven reached 250F then left it to cook.

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