Sunday, January 09, 2011

Out of the Oven and into the...

...Workbench I guess.  Ok, here is the post cured head tube joint.  Lots of resin pulled out of the joint under vacuum which could be a good sign (or a horrible failure, time will tell).
Even the convoluted BB looks good.

After stripping off the "easy" vacuum bag material I ended up with this mess at each joint!
After much gnashing of teeth etc...
You get this...which actually looks pretty damn promising so far, at least good enough to unwrap the rest.

Head Tube joint looks good with a small "flash" line where the bag joint was.  This will sand off easily.

Even the BB looks like it had full compaction under vacuum, no shiny parts where the release cloth was not compressed against the carbon.

And the important part (for some), the weigh in!

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