Monday, January 31, 2011

Tube Cutting and JIG Fitting

I promised ever excited Neil an update so here it is.  Below I'm showing part of the tube mitering process and how they fit in the JIG when complete.  First is the marked downtube ready to cut.  The BB30 sized mandrel is installed in the mill.  You can see a fine black line scribed in the silver area on top of the tube.  I sand up to that line.
Next is the finished cut.
Here is the BB joint with all the tubes fitted in the JIG ready to glue.
Same thing at the head tube junction.
And the water bottle boss holes ready for the Rivnuts.
And finally the whole front triangle in the JIG showing the integrated seat post extension.
Next step is to install the bottle bosses, sand, clean and glue the joints together with DP-420...

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