Friday, February 11, 2011

Cable Guides

The next and approaching final step was to position the cable guides and drill the holes.  Here is the frame with the derailleur and one brake cable guide in place.
 I put a modified 1/2 cable guide on the chain stay next.

The next step was tricky.  I had to position and drill a hole through the frame behind the BB for the front derailleur cable.  After placing a Shimano BB guide on the frame I marked the entrance hole on the bottom.
After drilling through the far side guided roughly by eye I glued in a 1/8" dia brass tube.
I'll trim and sand the ends flush once the glue cures.  Here is another photo for Neil, the weight prior to cable guides.
I have to modify my rivet gun to reach down into the cable guide pockets.  Once that's done the guides will be glued and riveted in place.

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