Saturday, February 05, 2011

Carbon Wrapping Neil's Frame

With the joint fillets sanded and the frame thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol  it was time to start wrapping the joints in carbon.  I start with a few pieces that will wrap along one tube and around the other.  This should set a good solid foundation for the joint.
Here is the first piece going on.  It looks nice and easy but this stuff is sticky and fragile and it's being draped over 3D contours.  Working in a cool shop (+12C) the prepreg often needs to be heated lightly with a heat gun to make it sticky enough.
After many overlapping layers you end up with this which I hope turns out cosmetically pleasing (and of course structurally sound) after the oven.
The BB wrapped.
And the Seat Tube Junction.
Tomorrow I hope to get it at least in the vacuum bag if not in the oven.

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