Friday, February 18, 2011

Finished Carbon Frame #1

Neil's frame is finally finished.  It's the first full carbon frame and it turned out well.  Still need to work on the cosmetic finish etc and see how test riding goes.  Without further ado here it is with integrated seat post, PF30 BB, ChrisKing 44mm Inset compatible head tube and a final weight of 990g.


MEECH said...

hey back 40, that is super-schweeet. I check out your site from time to time, very interesting blog. I am collecting everything to build my first carbon frame here in a month or so. Very nice work you do.

MEECH Custom Bicycles

Glen J said...

Thanks Dimitri, I've almost finished frame #2 now but didn't take as many photos. Good luck with your build.

MEECH said...

Hey Glen, In regards to the frame that you broke the head tube off of, obviously it was very strong, I imagine strong enough to ride, but it doesn't appear that the carbon was very thick at all at the juncture. I guess my question is can you get by with that little bit of carbon? I have been practicing wet layup and I will probably overbuild the first frame for safety reasons. I have not used pre-preg yet. What type of oven do you use?

Under The Sun said...

i had a carbon look frame and it was great. I cant belive the flexiablity of the bike. I just upgraded to a Giant TCR and that thing is quick! Here is a video of me sawing the Look frame up.