Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gluing Neil's Frame

The time has come, Neil's frame is taking shape.  I mitered the rear end and prepared all the tubes for gluing.  They've all been sanded with 80G and wiped down inside and out on the ends with isopropyl alcohol.  First step was to install the water bottle bosses.  I applied a little epoxy to the inside of the tube around the hole before inserting the Rivnuts.
Here is the BB joint ready to cure over night.
The dropouts plugs were sanded rough, cleaned and coated in glue.  I also coated the inside of the stays after roughening them up.  I used flash breaker tape to keep excess epoxy off the ends of the stay.
The seat tube junction turned out well.  I used some tape to lightly hold the joint while it cures.  It's important that everything sit at rest in the jig, anything forced could lead to misalignment.
The head tube joint is critical.  I'll check alignment tomorrow and if it's not good enough I'll have to break the front triangle apart and try again.
Finally the whole frame.

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