Monday, February 07, 2011

Unwrapping and Sanding

When the frame comes out of the oven you have to strip all the bag, bleeder and release cloth off.  Sounds like no big deal except the excess epoxy has soaked through the release cloth and into the bleeder.  It forms a lovely crust around the joints that does not come off willingly, visible as the dark areas around the joints.
Next we have a guest frame building assistant, in this case Neil.  He's been tasked with peeling off the above mentioned crust which he does with the maniacal glee of a 4 year old at Christmas.
Look, you can see the mania in his eyes I swear!
Anyway, with the bag and crust removed it was time to inspect the joints for good compaction etc.  In this case everything turned out quite well.
After a bit of sanding to take the high spots and wrinkles out it looks like this.  With a few thin coats of epoxy and sanding it will look quite nice.  Neil requested that the lugs blend into the frame which these do nicely.
Last up is a "baby picture" of Neil and his new bundle of carbon joy.
Next up is the joint finishing, cable guide attaching etc...

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