Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chuck's Frame in the Jig

I've cut and mitered all the tubes for Chuck's new road frame.  They're all fit in the jig and ready to glue once I put in the water bottle bosses and glue the titanium brake cable tube in the top tube.
First we have the new ENVE custom head tube in place.
Next we have the seat cluster area with the ENVE standard seat stay component.  It's quite wide at the top and should blend well with the top tube.
Here is the BB joint.  It's a 68mm shell with bonded in titanium threaded shell and an ENVE chain stay component.  I'm pretty happy with the ENVE parts except for a seam along the tool parting line visible here.  It will take extra work to fill and sand that until it's cosmetically acceptable.
I purchased a few sets of aluminum dropouts from Nick Crumpton
I had them anodized black.

Here is an interior view of the titanium brake cable guide tube test fit inside the top tube. 
An another showing it exit the carbon tube at a 20deg angle.  Once glued in place I'll trim the titanium flush with the carbon.  I think it should look quite clean when finished.
I'll need to finish the top tube cable guide but after that the frame can be cleaned and glued in it's final form.

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