Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Final Details Before Paint

I spent some time tonight and wrapped up all the last little details before the frame is sent for clear coat etc.
The first thing I did was drill and slot the back of the seat tube.  The slot may be a little short but it clamps well.

I then drilled holes for the down tube cable stops followed by bonding with DP 420 and two rivets each.

Finally I carefully drilled a hole right through the frame behind the BB to guide the front derailleur cable and seal the frame.  Next time I'll get some titanium tubing to avoid possible corrosion issues.  I'll trim the tube flush once the glue sets.

A final light sanding all over with 600grit, a cleaning with alcohol and it's ready for the painters.

1 comment:

harel said...

hello glen
nice bike you bulid
my name harel i am from isreal i bulid my frame own carbon frame
i have question how can i buy tubes from evne thay do not have in their wab
do you have mail to contact with you
thank you harel