Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finished Guide and New Carbon

Today I finished the titanium brake cable guide tube flush with the top tube.  Careful grinding to avoid heat build up then finish filing and sanding left me with this.
Which looks like this with some casing installed.
I also received a new batch of carbon fiber prepreg.  It's all being stored in a small chest freezer at -20C.
Here is the 2x2 twill weave prepreg I'll be using some of to help bulk up the joints rather than using all uni-directional.
I did a very quick drapability test on an old test joint.  The 2x2 twill conforms well to the tough contours at the BB so it should not be any problem using this in the other joints.
 Here is some of the equipment being used.  There is a late 1970's First Mill, a Standard Modern 11" Lathe, a Garvin Horizontal Mill from 1910(ish) which needs some work and a King 7" bandsaw.

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