Friday, February 17, 2012

Gluing Chuck's Frame

Below is a series of photos showing how I glued Chuck's frame together.  I use 3M DP 420 epoxy for all the joints.  First is two photos showing the bonding of a titanium BB shell into a carbon BB tube.  I made sure that there was always glue being pushed at the leading and trailing edge when inserted.  I managed not to get any in the threads which was a miracle.

The next two photos show the amount of glue used on the seat tube joint.  I's a small bead on the end of the tube that, when placed in the jig forms a small fillet and seals the joint completely.

When all the joints are set and the dropouts bonded in it's time to let it cure overnight. I used flash breaker tape on the seat and chain stays as well as the dropouts this time to make clean up much easier post cure.

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