Sunday, March 03, 2013

Neil's Frame Begins

Neil's new frame was set in motion today.  It will be a lighter version of his first prototype frame with ENVE tubing and twin seat stay tubes.  It should be somewhere around 900g when complete (but we'll see).

First the jig was set up according to the CAD drawing.
Then the head tube was cut to length (then turned on the lathe to exact length and to true the ends).  I cut tubes with a fine tooth band saw running on medium speed with a very slow down feed rate.  I found this does not snag or pull any fibers.

 Here is the progression of creating an external butted section to accommodate Neil's seat post clamp at 33.9mm.  It shows the wrapped pre-preg, the shrink tape, the cured tube and the turned, sanded finished end.

 Here we have the parts in process back on the shelf.  Dropouts are ready to bond when the time comes.

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