Saturday, April 06, 2013

Frame Bonded

I continued to miter and fit frame components into the jig.  Below in the ENVE chain stay cut to fit the BB and seat tube.  I'm not that impressed with the molding on the ENVE non-tube parts.  The parting line is rough looking, stepped and grooved.
Here is the head tube ready to be cleaned and rough sanded prior to bonding.  I put 3/4" holes in this time.
I cut off the titanium tube extending from the carbon tube, ground. filed and sanded it flush with the tube.  This is a lot easier prior to being bonded in the frame.
This is how I miter the individual seat stay tubes.  The angle and offset from the center of the seat tube are easy to set this way.

First joint to be glued is the seat tube to BB.  A small bead of glue seals the joint face when completed.
Here is an example of the amount of epoxy used on a tube joint.
Finished BB joint ready to cure overnight before an alignment check is made of the whole frame.
I wrap the dropouts and end of stays in flash breaker tape to reduce the amount of cleanup required after bonding.  I don't want to have to sand away too much glue and possibly scratch the anodized dropouts.


Crash said...

Looks great! What dropouts are you using? Have you thought of making your own? I've tried the Blue Powder coating tape and Kapton tapes and found the epoxy sticks to both sides of it.

Glen J said...

These are aluminum dropouts from Nick Crumpton. The blue flash breaker tape works well if you put it on tight.

Velo Zephyr said...

Hello Glen,

How was the internal titanium tubing bonded to the frame? The bike looks incredible.

Glen J said...

I have more detail here...

huynh quyen said...
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Thanh Hien said...
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